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Today’s consumers are tech and social media savvy. If you’re not optimizing your business and establishing your social media and web presence, you will miss out on a lot of opportunities brought about by the Internet. That’s what Pla2 Lsu is here for.

We are a premier online marketing company eager to represent your business in the ever-changing
digital world. Built in Hongkong with a local and international clientele, we take pride in delivering digital marketing solutions that work in order to meet your marketing goals and create exemplary results that will help grow your online gaming community.

We are trusted by the most exciting companies in the online gambling industry in Hongkong and across the world. We have provided digital solutions to the largest and most respected gaming companies in the world. PLa2 Lsu is more than just an online marketing company, we don’t want to become just another service provider. Instead, we have built partnerships and strong relationships with our clients. Our clients include William Hill, Kroon Casino, BGO Casino, and Unibet.

With almost a decade of experience in the industry, we are navigating successfully trend after trend. We are aware of the fluctuating needs of a fast-paced industry, so our gaming specialists stay on top of the newest apps, operating system integration and website building technologies in order to provide effective approaches and optimal results for whatever your company wants to achieve.


Online services

Social Media Marketing Services

Social Media Marketing

Any business needs a social media presence now more than ever. Knowing the significance of social media platforms, companies should be able to allow their customers to connect with them. This is where social media marketing takes place. Our social media marketing services will make sure you create a strong social engagement towards your audience. Our team will work with you to generate and implement a plan through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat- to name a few, and other emerging social media apps. Our services also include social media strategy development, social page optimization, social media campaign development and management, paid social ads setup and management, community building and management and multimedia content creation and publication. Through social media marketing, your company can create a community, build lasting relationships with your customers and increase your brand visibility which results in leads and sales.

Targeted Content

Creating content that works will be our response to your marketing problems. Each social media channel has a unique content requirement. At Pla2 Lsu, we offer a team of productive and knowledgeable content providers who will build your tweets, posts, images, captions and articles to ensure seamless use of branding on all levels of your company. We understand that creating and curating content is a real struggle and Pla2 Lsu is here to provide quality content for your business. The content we create are not only designed to attract customers but it must also bring the message across, engage customers, and share-worthy. Shareable content means a wider reach and wider reach means better visibility for your company.

In addition to that, businesses like yours should be aware that there is an endless number of competitors around. They offer similar if not the same products and services as yours do. This means that you need to make an extra effort to be better -- or, at least, different. This is precisely the reason why you should make your content as appealing as possible in order for you to be noticeable and worth-buying.

Understanding Search Engine Optimization

SEO represents the core of your website marketing strategy. At Pla2 Lsu, our SEO consultants will provide direction to you and your marketing team to understand the importance of using the words your customers are searching for daily and put your company at the top of search engines. The gaming community is huge so making sure that your company is driven to be at the top is a sure advantage for your business.

Protecting Your Reputation

Review sites and negative online feedback can be devastating to any online community. Active response and supervision of all your online assets are needed to ensure the reputation of your gaming community remains positive, to ensure new visitors and even grow your paying customer base. Pla2 Lsu can provide staffing for monitoring chat rooms and effective strategies to repair negative customer impressions.

For Pla2, bad reviews are opportunities to engage with customers. They do not just merely hide negative comments; instead, turn a negative review into something positive by responding with a solution. This kind of gesture shows how responsive the company is to customer complaints; giving the potential customers the assurance and comfort of knowing that there is a reliable help to seek if something goes wrong with the service. In fact, this technique has proven to transform unhappy customers into loyal advocates.

Going Viral

At Pla2 Lsu, we have partners in audio and video production. Our partners will collaborate with your company to create short videos to be used on YouTube and boost excitement for your products, tournaments, events and even for your company. Becoming the next clickable moment on the internet takes determination and knowledge. Combining a professional team of creative individuals, Pla2 Lsu knows how to grow your internet presence which translates into realtime income for your internet business.

At Pla2 Lsu, we want every brand and business to reach their audiences in impactful ways and at the same time delivers a strategic digital marketing solutions that drives business growth.

If you want to find out more about the projects we worked on, you can read one of our marketing collaborations here.

We always strive to provide excellent service in attaining your marketing goals and looking for solutions to your needs. You can tell us about you and your company we can create a marketing strategy for you.

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