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Our latest customer, CasinoNerd presents a special gratis spins website

Our latest costumer

One of our latest customers, casinoNerd, is an online gambling affiliate that just launched a new website to promote. This website is called, which means free spins for all in Dutch. What’s nice and special about this gambling website is that it brings all of our gambling clients together. All the online casino’s that we usually work with, are also partnering up with casinoNerd for this initiative. This makes it easier for us to promote all of them together, which is a unique thing that we have never done before in the online casino industry.

Purpose of the website is created to promote all the slot machines that our clients and their partners have to offer. The first thing that casino players will see when opening the site is the possibility to play slot machines for free. When they open a slot machine, they’ll receive demo credit to play with and try the slot as much as they’d like. If they are done and want to take the slot machine experience to the next level, will provide them with links to the websites of its various partners.

What do they offer?

Casino bonuses

All the partners that you will be directed to will offer gratis spins op gokkasten. It’s essential as the affliliate casino site advertises free spins. That’s why a casino that doesn’t offer gratis spins won’t be eligible for a partnership. The goal of this casino site is to give players exactly what they want; and that is gratis spins. All else is secondary. Well, maybe not everything. As with everything online casino related, safety comes first. So if the casino is trustworthy and offers free spins, you can be sure to find it on casinoNerd’s fresh new casino affiliate website.

Other information

Just like any other online casino affiliate, casinoNerd also offers sites that offer all kinds of information for casino players. The homepage is filled with slot machines, but the site is much bigger than that. You can also find information on other casino games such as rules and information about the casino providers. Other than that you can find all kinds of bonuses, information on them and reliable casinos that offer them. Lastly, you can also find tips on how to find a trustworthy casino, your rights and tips on how to control your gambling. It’s an all-round information portal for the casino player.

More than just an affiliate

Like there are many online casinos nowadays, the casino affiliates keep popping up as well. That’s why you have to keep innovating. Casino players are everywhere, on all kinds of websites, which is why a casino affiliate has to be everywhere as well. To create bonds with the casino players. And the rule of repetition goes here as well; the more the name of the affiliate is seen by the same casino player, the more he will trust it. After which he is more likely to visit this casino site than any other that he has never heard of before.

Word of Casino advice

Even though we are active in the online casino market and believe that everyone will love an afternoon at the casino, we want you to be cautious at all times. Not all casinos out there are safe, the ones with a good license are, so look out for that to begin with. Also, control your gambling. Everything fun has to come to an end so that also goes for playing slot machines. And with everything else in life, the joy of knowing you’ll be playing an online slot machine soon is worth the wait.