Our History

Pla2 Lsu was established in 2002 near Chicago, IL in the United States by a pair of college drop-outs, Sarah and Billy Waterton. While attending Economics classes at CSU, they wondered why so many expanding internet companies seemed to be unaware of their lack of social savvy. So much of the content available online at that time was focused on text, and ignoring ease of use, graphics and audio. Sarah and Billy wanted to do it better.

After working with a growing web design company for five years, they moved to Las Vegas and established a traditional advertising agency focusing on promoting travel to Sin City. The combination of gaming and marketing blossomed. Meanwhile Billy had retained his contacts in the web design world and experienced a moment of clarity. It was at this time he created Pla2 Lsu in an effort to provide truly effective marketing services to the growing industry of online gaming, maintaining a focus on the burgeoning online casino world.

With strict regulations against online gaming in his homeland, he and Sarah made the move to Hong Kong where they were free to actively support the industry that they hold a passion for. In 2009, they established a relationship with WilliamHill, as seen in Our Clients page, and Pla2 Lsu subsequently experienced explosive growth.

Working online networks of professionals in the online casino, digital marketing, and gaming design industries, Sarah worked tirelessly to expand their small ten person firm into the full service marketing company employing over 100 people today.

Their offices located in a tower in central Hong Kong contain secure research and development server farms that spend 24 hours a day crunching marketing statistics. Dr. An Wang heads their SEO studio and produces an endless amount of findings providing the latest adjustments to content delivery strategy in the rapidly changing social media world.

The video studio boasts its own production stage, capable of adding live action excitement to examples of gaming successes to their YouTube channel presentations. The landscape of beautiful Hong Kong provide an endless supply of stock photography, giving their videos an authentic, exotic and unique visual appeal in an industry focused on reproducing the glaring glitter of Las Vegas.

Several members of the Marketing Team can speak multiple languages, including Russian, Mandarin, Greek, French, English, Arabic, Hindi and Telugu. While many meetings with clients are conducted through Skype or FaceTime, it is not unusual for Sarah to visit their customers in person, taking advantage of the international airport in Hong Kong. They continue to work to expand their client list and include contacts from six of the seven continent, recently adding a firm from South Africa.

In 2017, Pla2 Lsu is seeking to add an additional office located in Qatar. They will be adding a complete web design department to their continually growing company, able to service all of a client’s needs from concept to execution, while limiting the cost with in-house production capabilities.

Pla2 Lsu actively participates in supporting space research, contributing almost a million dollars to independent corporations seeking to produce affordable rocket engines and long-distance cargo ships for future expansion to Mars. While Sarah and Billy have personally achieved their dreams, they firmly believe that civilization as a whole should hold to the dream of ensuring the future of the human race through discovery of new planets and viable space travel.

The youngest member of the Pla2 Lsu entourage is Misty, a tortoise who lives in the courtyard of the office building. She sometimes visits the various offices of the company, eating lettuce and sunning herself in the large windows.