Our Clients

We are proud to represent some of the largest and most respected gaming companies in the world.


WilliamHill came to us in 2010 seeking to improve their SEO ratings. Patrons were searching for online games, and WilliamHill was not ranking high enough to earn new clicks. Customers had to arrive at the site through luck or clicking through other gaming sites, losing WH valuable visits revenue. Our SEO specialist did a forensic dissection of WH practices in the creation of daily content and discovered a lack of use of industry key words.

Pla2 Lsu executed an immediate plan to improve their social media presence, refurbished content on existing web pages and expanded meta-data use on all clickable pages. After a year long campaign that included vigorous training for WH marketing staff, WilliamHill saw a 1000% increase in new clicks, return visits and active response to interactive opportunities. They now regularly appear in the top 10 results on multiple search engines.

Kroon Casino

Kroon Casino is known for their visually striking gaming options, with an award winning web site and multiple Game of the Year trophies. However, they had no YouTube channel. Our Video Department collaborated with their tournament director and began to harvest screen shots from some of the largest progressive payouts in online casino history. Shortly, fun and explosive videos were released on Kroon’s own channel. Through active engagement with some of Kroon’s most loyal players, each video released over the past three years have achieved 400,000 views in their first thirty days. With clickable links embedded in the end of the video, click throughs for new accounts have tripled and participation in tournaments have grown.

BGO Casino

The 2012 San Diego Cartoon Con featured a Casino Room. BGO Casino came to us with the desire to participate in this unique marketing opportunity. They had their new game Cut Glass scheduled to release the month after the Con. We urged them to push forward to release to coincide with the Con and worked relentlessly with their design department to create a stunning booth for the Con. Their CEO Brad Simperfy lucked out and grabbed the San Diego auditorium. We provided a sizzle reel and targeted speech for the release party. Our collaborative effort ended with balloons, confetti guns, free downloads and a real Vegas style party. Mentions of BGO online trended on all major platforms for five days with more players trying out Cut Glass in the first seven days than all other BGO games combined.


Unibet suffered from a catastrophic viral customer service debacle in late 2013. Like so many other companies, their customer database was hacked resulting in major loss of user confidence and a very public thread placing blame on the corporation for the security breach. Their reputation among major gaming businesses plummeted. While the database was quickly repaired and secured, the damage was done. Customers abandoned the site. We called in our Best Practices Execution Team and put them to work for Unibet. Together we implemented a lucrative Loyalty Program, Rapid Patron Response Program, and flooded all levels of media with positive ad campaigns. We publicly assisted several gambling support organizations in establishing safe and secure meeting places through paying for leases and utilities. After six month, participation on the Unibet website had resumed to pre-breach levels with a monthly increase of clicks and new user account creation.

We are invested in our clients’ success and will continue to troubleshoot existing problems, offer solutions and execute plans without hesitation. Results are truly the measure of a service company. We strive for the most positive results possible.