Casino Heroes Marketing

We are very proud to work together with Casino Heroes. They are a company who values collaborations and a long term relationship and showing this by the way they communicate with us. Pla2-lsu is responsible for different projects for casino heroes such as marketing services and doing a small research.

The research part is the most important task before the project starts, since the result of this particular research is the main key source of information. After receiving the results we can start with the entire project from scratch. This is how we usually work and that seemed also be the case in the CH project. It’s not always necessary to do research, since there are a lot of companies who are really aware of their own identity. In that case, we skip the research and immediately start with the branding.

The project had been finalized in a successful way, which is a relief for both parties. Now we often have meetings together in order to come up with new plans and strategies for their website and social media platforms. What is the most important task when you look at building a entire new brand? Well, first of all you should try to figure out what the vision and history of the company is. This part can be quite hard if the owner or entrepreneur is not fully aware of the reason why he or she started the company in the first place. In order to find out, we have to dive into the history and the story behind it. After this story has become clear, we can start with the entire rebranding by creating a name and logo.

After the corporate identity is delivered and the client gave an improval on the draft, we move on and expand the identity even more. This part of the project is all about designing and creating important platforms such as a general website, Facebook page, Linkedin updated and even Instagram. Also, we take a look at different ways of advertisement and how we can create a campaign in the best way possible. It is strongly recommended to focus on a vision before you start creating campaign ideas. It’s a hand in hand job, which means that they are related to each. Without combining these two together, the endresults will eventually fail. Make sure that at the beginning of each project, you take the time together to take a deep look into visions and identities.

We are still very grateful to work with a gaming company like Casino Heroes. We often work as Consultant Freelancers and still providing marketing services for them. Not only because they have interesting projects, but also because of our good and professional relationship.
Pla2-Isu is still looking for new projects and we like to get together with new companies, so we can have a talk, getting new ideas and come up with new inspirations and campaigns. If you are interested in working together, please get in touch by email or just pass by during working hours at our office. We are always happy to see new faces and meet new people!