Welcome to Pla2 Lsu

The premiere online marketing company eager to represent your business in the ever changing internet world. Built in Hong Kong, but with an international customer base, we are ready to help you establish and grow your online gaming community through our numerous services.

We have built relationships with some of the most exciting companies in the online gambling industry i.e. Have a look at our client list and find out for yourself if you are a die-hard fan! The newest client we have acquired is called Think or Swim.Think or swim is een handig trading platform that describes our service as “amazing!”. Amsterdams casino, Unibet known for their great welcome bonus, Kroon Casino, free spins no deposit, BGO Casino and Rooks Revenge, and look forward to including you in our group of exciting and growing clients. Aware of the fluctuating needs of a fast-paced industry, our gaming specialists stay on top of the newest apps, operating system integration and website building technologies in order to provide effective approaches to marketing in the internet world.

Social Media Marketing

Use of social media platforms in reaching your customer base has become more important than ever in the 21st century. Our marketing teams will work with you to generate and implement a plan utilizing Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat and other new and growing apps. Integrating social media to your existing website and actively providing feedback to your patrons is all part of this vital part of marketing in today’s world.

We will create a schedule for the daily release of posts, blogs and direct mail outreach that will increase saturation of your brand in the international market. International exposure is essential when building a business on the boundary free zone of the internet.

Targeted Content

We can offer a team of productive and knowledgeable content providers who will build your tweets, posts, images, captions and articles to ensure seamless use of branding on all levels of your company.

Understanding Search Engine Optimization

Our SEO consultant team will provide direction to you and your marketing team to understand the importance of using the words your customers are searching for in their daily internet use. Inclusion of your individual suite of words will improve hits, clicks and increase revenue as the application of valid SEO strategies become part of your daily operation.

Protecting Your Reputation

Review sites and negative online feedback can be devastating to any online community. Active response and supervision of all your online assets is needed to ensure the reputation of your gaming community remains positive, ensuring new visitors and growing your paying customer base. We can provide staffing for monitoring chat rooms and effective strategies to repair negative customer impressions.

Going Viral

Our partners in audio and video production will team with your group to create short videos to be used on YouTube and create excitement for your products, tournaments, events and company. Becoming the next clickable moment on the internet takes determination and knowledge. Combining a professional team of creative individuals, Pla2 Lsu knows how to grow your internet presence which translates into realtime income for your internet business. If you want to find out more about projects we worked on, you can read one of our marketing collaborations here.

When you are ready to take your marketing campaign and corporate image to the next level, fill out the contact form on our Contact Us page, and we’ll be happy to begin building a relationship that will be mutually beneficial for years to come.